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Welcome to Landlord Ratings!

Have you ever been looking at apartments and wondered what the landlords were like?  Sure they were nice on the phone and seemed to really care about what you were looking for when you got a tour, but were they just putting on a show?

This website was created by a college student who heard too many horror stories of landlords neglecting their tenants. My aim is to create a place where people can objectively share what their experiences were to help others avoid signing a lease with a horrible landlord.  I have added many features to make this a good resource for new and continuing renters such as:


  • Google StreetView of Apartments
  • User Submitted Images
  • Google Map of Apartment and Landlord Reviews Near You

Everything on this site is free and openly accessible.  If you have any troubles on this site or suggestions for improvements, drop me a line on the contact page and I'll do my best to address it.


Here you can post and read reviews of people who have actually had these landlords. Time to put the pressure on the lazy landlords and reward the good ones.  Take a look at the reviews, what you find might surprise you.

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Travis Welch - La Crosse, WI
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